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General Angry Birds Stella

  1. Earlier this year, we learned of the next evolution of the Angry Birds franchise, known as Angry Birds Stella.

    That first Angry Birds Stella game is all set to arrive in the market later this coming September, where it will hopefully continue the expected rich vein of success with its animation series all set to premiere a couple of months after that in November.

    Rovio Entertainment, the company behind the insanely successful Angry Birdsfranchise, will be working on an entire set of stories, characters, and adventures, where the Angry Birds universe will see the inclusion of a new flock of fierce friends: Stella, Poppy, Willow, Dahlia, and Luca.

    These winged friends all share a common love for adventure and fun, although they do happen to have personality clashes from time to time.

    The presence of Gale, a good bird gone bad, also adds some spice to the storyline as Gale intends to lord over the birds' island habitat.
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