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A New World

  1. If life was suddenly wiped out yesterday and everything just stopped where it was, how long would it take for phones and other electrical things to decay?

    Would iPhones and other Smartphones decay?
    Would they eventually get lost in foliage and maybe found in the future by the next people to roam the earth?

    Imagine if life went back to stage one but among the first discoveries were microchips, imagine how much people would achieve if they had access to that sort of thing early on when people are hungry to learn and innovate, mind boggling.
  2. I think if anything happened, enough of us would survive. One way or another I see us getting to a high tech but low population civilisation perhaps concentrated in a few big populated area around the world but mainly retreated from many places
  3. I'm sure I watched a program and they looked at this, I'm sure they said something like 50,000 years and all record of us being here would be gone. Buildings would go down faster than you imagine.

    They concluded that you're better off writing stuff in stone than storing it on electrical media if you want something to last.
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