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Madden 18 - Basic Tips And Tricks

  1. Major Tom
    Madden 18 is out now on PS4 and Xbox One, bringing a fresh new roster for every team alongside the latest in football technology. If you want Madden 18 Offense Tips and Madden 18 Defense Tips we’ve got them for you right here.

    Madden 18 Offense Tips

    With the offense in Madden 18, it’s as much about being able to read the defense, as it is calling the right plays. In the Madden 18 Offense tips below, we’ll give you all the info you need in order to dominate on the offensive side of the ball.
    • As soon as you call a play, look at the position of the defenders on the field. If they’re up close to your receivers, the coverage is probably man, but if they’ve backed off, then it’s more likely to be zone.
    • Do any of the defenders move before the snap? If two defenders move at the same time ie on comes forward to the line and another fills their place, then the player that moves forward to the line is getting ready to blitz.
    • As a general rule, only use the 'aggressive blocking' option for your offensive line if you absolutely need to, as offensive holding calls are far more likely when using this.
    • If you aren’t confident in the play you’ve called, you can audible (switch) to another play in the same formation, by pressing X/Square.
    • To change the route of a single receiver, press Y/Triangle, press their corresponding button, then change their route with the D-pad, analogue sticks, shoulder and trigger buttons.
    • Don’t force the ball! It’s better to take a sack in Madden 18 than it is to throw a pick, and give possession over to your opponent.
    • When you’re controlling either a running back or receiver with the ball, hold the right shoulder button to protect the ball if you know you’ll be tackled. This helps prevent your player fumbling.
    • Alternatively, press B/O with the ball carrier and use the right stick to spin to either side, taking you out of the grasp of oncoming defenders.
    • Take note of the button prompts after you’ve thrown the ball. The game will advise you to make a possession catch with X/Square, or an aggressive catch if you’re fighting for the ball with Y/Triangle.
    Madden 18 Defense Tips

    On the defensive side of the ball in Madden 18, it’s all about reacting to your opponent’s moves. You can call the best play possible, but it won’t mean anything if you don’t adjust according to your opponent. The Madden 18 Defense tips below will give you the edge.
    • Look at how the offense lines up in relation to your defense. Do you have enough players in coverage to match up to every receiver and tight end?
    • If not, or if you need to modify anything, press Y/Triangle, and then the corresponding button over the head of a defender to change their assignment.
    • Alternatively, you can switch plays just like on the offense, using the X/Square button to bring up a list of plays you can change to.
    • You can choose one player to take control of while playing defense, and you’ll be able to move around freely while doing this. Stick to your assignment though, or the entire play could end in disaster if a receiver goes completely uncovered.
    • You can change the type of pass rush you want, for example you can opt for an 'aggressive pass rush' before the snap, and all blitzing personnel will gain increased stats relating to pass rush.
    • Once the ball is throw to a receiver, press B/O to switch to the defender nearest to them. If you plan on intercepting the ball, hold Y/Triangle before a catch is made, but if you need to tackle the player with the ball instead, then press X/Square.
    • If your defender gets blocked by an opponent, and the player with the ball is running nearby to you, you can extend an arm and attempt to grab them as they pass. Press the left shoulder button if the ball carrier is running to the right, and vice versa for the left side, to grab the ball carrier.
    Madden 18: How to Return a Kickoff

    You’ll want to follow your blockers when returning either a kick or a punt, and so do this, select the option to return down the middle. Once your receiver has caught the kicked ball, follow the blockers directly ahead of you, going directly through either any gaps that open up ahead of you, or going behind any players that are currently blocking players for you. You don't want to get so close that the player being blocked will peel off the block and tackle your receiver, so make sure to keep a distance of at least a few feet from any blockers in front of you.

    Madden 18: How to Kick a Perfect Field Goal

    When you set yourself up to kick a field goal in Madden 18, you’ll be given the trajectory of the ball, depending on how much power you put into the kick. You can move this trajectory around to aim, and ideally you want to have the middle trajectory marker aimed between the center of the goal posts, to give you as much margin for error as possible.

    Next, press A/X to start the kick, and as the meter increases, you want to stop it as close to the top as possible, ideally in the red zone. Don’t hesitate once the meter goes into the top section, as if you let it go into the red zone but don’t stop it, your kick will be incredibly weak. With the meter now decreasing after you stopped it the first time, you want to now stop it in the zone down the bottom, or as near to it as possible, in order to kick as near to the marked trajectory of the ball as possible.

    Bear in mind that the higher OVR (overall) rating the kicker has, the more easily he can make field goals from a further distance. The ‘kicking power’ and ‘accuracy’ stats of a kicker always factor into every kick they make, and for example if they were to have a higher kicking power statistic, the trajectory of the kick would be able to reach further across the field.


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