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Injustice 2 - Quickly Earn Xp

  1. Major Tom
    How to earn XP fast

    In Injustice 2 each game you play will give you some XP between 400 to 500. This will gradually take your character to level 20. It is surely going to take a lot of time to push all your desired characters to the max level. Make sure you also take the Bonus XP from the gears that you receive and equip them. Using such gears will not only increase your XP but also improve a lot of action the character does. And do try to change the stage you’re fighting in by environment transition, this will also reward you some XP.

    You vs. You:
    This method can be the fastest way to increase your Characters XP. It is pretty simple and can even be a complete practice session for you, against a specific character you want to expertise in.

    If you have an extra controller then just play the game in multi player mode and let the other player be idle. This way you will be continuously hitting the opponent and will finish the match flawlessly and a 100% victory will be in your side. In this way you will play majority of matches in less time and win more XP. You will also get bonus points for completing the match in less time. Use environment transitions that will add up 200 more XP in the final points. This is will be time consuming.

    This method is not simple to play as the early one, in this you will be playing with the real players around the globe. It might take some time to finish the match but amount of XP you will gain is high. You can also earn Epic Gear and Mother Boxes. Using and equipping them will also give you some more XP.

    AI Battle Simulator:
    This option is available in multiplayer option and all you need to do is just select the 3 characters you wish to Level up and select their load outs before you fight. You also have an option of increasing the speed to 4X in the game. On completing the game you will get around 150XP and sometime some Gear and Mother Box. This might be boring to just sit and watch the AI to do all the work so it is advised to do this when you are least interested.

    Don’t opt for Difficult Challenges:
    Playing difficult challenges in Multiverse will surely obtain you great XP but if you are not a good player and have not mastered any specific hero then don’t go for this option. It will be more difficult, and it will take more time to complete. The XP that you receive for completing the match early is too high to be ignored. So don’t go for this option unless and until you are sure that you will complete the match in short time.

    Buy Crystal to Upgrade:
    After getting on character to the max level 20, if you don’t wish to level up other characters in the same way then you can use 10,000 source crystals in order to level up a character to level 20. Source Crystals can also be bought with real money for approx $4.99. And upgrading all the characters to level 20 will cost around $100.


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