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Hitman - Quick Tips

  1. Major Tom
    Hitman is now feature-complete for its first year. Here are our some top tips for those stepping into 47’s shoes for the first time – plus a few that might surprise veterans too.

    Understand how suspicion works

    At its core, Hitman is a stealth game, and absolutely vital to posting good scores or completing those pesky one-time-only elusive targets is understanding in detail how the suspicion and alert mechanics in the game work. The game does explain this, but it’s so important that it bears repeating.


    So, here’s the deal with suspicion: When wearing any given disguise, there are characters who will still be suspicious of you in it. As a guard, for instance, most other guards won’t know all their colleagues and so won’t be suspicious of you. Some guards however might be higher in the food chain or simply sticklers for detail, and so they will recognize you’re a stranger if you get too close.

    People like this are represented by a white dot above their head. To be clear, you can get close to these people but you will need to move quickly – don’t remain in their sight for too long. Some outfits are much less likely to be suspected than others, so work with what’s available to you and experiment.

    Running, sneaking, climbing and vaulting is generally fine as long as you’re not in ‘trespassing’ status, but be aware that it will draw attention to you – so be careful.


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