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Dishonored 2 - Beginners Guide

  1. Gemma
    If this is your first Dishonored game it’s really worthwhile playing the quick tutorial available from the start menu, which will teach you the controls, how to chain movements, and the basics of stealth and combat.

    Where's my signature power?
    Dishonored 2 doesn’t give you your signature power until you’ve completed the first mission in full. This is a bit frustrating because it means you may spend an hour or more exploring and learning without ever seeing the real game and its potential.

    So don’t worry too much about that first mission in Dunwall. Just get it over with. Get out of the tower, get to the ship, and get your first ability. That initial mission is a good way to learn the basics of Dishonored 2’s sightline-based stealth, but if you’re not having fun you should get to the better parts as soon as possible so you have a reason to bother.

    You can actually choose to play the whole game without powers if you like, which is a vastly different experience intended for veterans. Really, it’s like night and day: Dishonored 2 is two totally different games.

    Master the lean:
    Even if you’re going to murder everyone in face-to-face combat there will be times when you don’t want to be seen – perhaps you’re scouting the area to see how many and what kind of enemies are around, or maybe you’re setting a nasty trap for shits and giggles. For that, you need to understand how Dishonored 2’s stealth works.

    Basically, it’s all sight lines. If you are in stealth mode (crouched), and there’s an object between you and a guard, you’re fine. You don’t make noise in stealth mode, and if you can’t see a guard’s eyes the guard can’t see you.

    But – and here’s the good bit – if you can’t see a guard’s eyes, and then you lean (triangle/Y and the left stick) until you can, the guard still can’t see you. Leaning does not count as moving out of cover. You can get a really good look around this way, risk free – as long as nobody’s sneaking up on you.

    Save the Game:

    The game offers you three slots to save progress. So maintain a habit from start to save the game in last position to avoid replaying some missions. Manual save points are better than checkpoints and will save your time.

    Collect everything you can find:
    When you are in an area try to investigate everything. Open the boxes, cabinets, etc to find coins, cash, etc. This will be later used to buy a lot of upgrades. So gather every possible item in the game.

    The Alert Bar:
    Keep watch on the alert levels whenever you are moving in Karnaca. There are guards everywhere. Your movement can alert the guard. Whenever you are spotted you will see a white bar on the top of the screen. If turns red then it is means danger. The bar will not remain all the time on the screen. It is necessary to watch it once it appears. In case the bar turns read and you are spotted then take down all those enemies who had seen you to reduce your presence. You can also crouch and walk to avoid guards.

    Tidy up:
    Unless you’re aiming to go full High Chaos berserk warrior style (which is fun), put your bodies away, whether they’re unconscious or dead. Don’t assume it’s fine just because there are no other guards in that room; if someone goes wandering for any number of reasons, the shit can hit the fan big time.

    Drop bodies in dumpsters and containers. Tuck them behind screens and bushes. Put them in previously locked rooms. Carry them under low tables. Make a lovely pile behind a couch. Get creative.

    Do check all your fallen foes for loot, too

    Health Levels:
    In middle of fight try to use Health vial to avoid much damage. The health regenerates at slow rate. This will help you to get some time and you can take down enemies in front of you. But if you get chance you can stand aside somewhere and wait back for the health to recover. You can buy health vial and add it in the inventory. On PS4 press L1 to and LB on Xbox One to check the total amount of health in your inventory.

    Wait for Mana to Regen:
    Your health and mana don’t generally regenerate in Dishonored 2, and recovery items are limited. It is quite possible to end up in a world of trouble, having used up all a level’s consumables and having nothing to go on with.

    Avoid this situation by hazarding your resources, including your mana. You’ll notice that after you use Blink or Far Reach once the mana bar will refill as long as you don’t use another power for a few seconds. This is a really important way of ensuring you can use these powers an unlimited number of times – provided you don’t spam them.

    Mana also regenerates when you use Dark Vision, another hugely important basic power.

    Dark Vision:
    You will get Dark Vision later in the game. When you first enter a new area, Dishonored 2 can feel like trial-and-error gameplay. No matter how carefully you listen and peek through keyholes, there’s always an unexpected enemy somewhere. Dark Vision is a highly effective ability that can help you to ensure guards position no matter how sure you are. You might land instantly into bunch enemies and will fall. So try to use dark vision to avoid a direct one-on-one interaction with the enemy.

    Note that Dark Vision tends not to work through many external walls; you’ll often need to get inside a structure to spot the baddies rather than going all x-ray specs from the rooftop opposite.

    Use Blink:
    Blink spell in the game can help you to instantly teleport from one place to another. You can use this at the time of gathering collections. You must upgrade blink and keep it as a primary ability. As you upgrade you will get higher distance coverage in teleportation.

    At some point you might see a lot of guards or hard to go ahead. The best way to move is to use a distraction. Like noise or throw objects in wrong direction. This will alert the guards and they will try to inspect it. There are alarm clocks you can use for the same. You can also throw dead guards in between a group for distraction.

    Noise: Break a door, set off a bomb, smash a glass cabinet, bang on a bell – if you make enough of a ruckus all the guards within earshot will come see what the issue is. Handy when there’s a pack around something you want and get to in a hurry if only they’ll all bugger off.

    Thrown objects: Lobbing a bottle or glass is more versatile than just kicking up a fuss because you can aim it away from yourself, making it even easier to pull guards away from you. You have to give them a few moments to turn around before you leg it, and don’t expect it to hold their interest long, but for best results aim it behind some nearby cover so they have to actually wander off and check. You can throw explosives too, but then they take forever to calm down.

    Alarm clocks: These are great because they take several seconds to sound, carry a fair distance, and will bring guards plodding slowly upstairs at a very slow pace. Ambush gold.

    Bodies: Drop dead or unconscious guards somewhere in line of sight of a patrol and they’ll go well out of their way to investigate. This counts as an alert on your end-of-level assessment screen, but it’s useful. If you’ve been chopping bodies up, you can lob heads, limbs and whole chunks like torsos around much more easily than you can manoeuvre whole corpses. Bodies will also attract blood flies, which can be very handy.

    Power-based decoys: Investigate your skill tree. There’s a lot of fun to be had here.

    Reach the Roof:
    In case you are ambushed by guards or enemies, reaching a higher point will help you to get some time. You can then learn enemy position and take them down one by one.

    Bonecharm Crafting:
    This is a very useful in the game and important to learn. It will only be possible after get ability to craft Bonecharm. It will cost 1 rune and you can then go ahead to choose the traits. After unlocking you have pay Raw Whalebone the make single Bonecharm.

    Advanced takedown techniques:
    Here are a couple of miscellaneous tips for taking down enemies which work for both lethal and non-lethal attacks:

    Drop attacks protect you from all fall damage. Use this to your advantage in surviving long falls and moving quickly.

    Sprint attacks can help you recover from fumbled stealth attempts. Mistimed your ambush sequence? Sprint up to that last guy and choke him out before he turns around.

    Surprise attacks will save your bacon if you walk around a corner and run right into a guard’s arms, or similar calamity. Smash that takedown key (choke or stab, your choice) straight away and you can often get away without an alert.

    You can walk and choke, so don’t hang about waiting for your buddy to fall asleep: get moving straight away and take advantage of those precious extra moments of mobility. Press Square/X as soon as a choked enemy goes limp to transfer to carrying the body straight away. These two tips combined mean you can take out guards and hide their bodies in much shorter patrol windows than you’d otherwise believe.

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