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Battlefield 1: Argonne Forest

Gemma | Oct 25, 2016 | |
  1. Gemma
    Battlefield 1 multiplayer isn’t just about twitch reflexes; you need to think tactically and make the most of each map in order to succeed against all but the least experienced opponents.

    Watch the video for all the details in context, but here’s the lowdown. Argonne Forest is a three lane map with five major zones. The canyon lane to the west is the most sheltered and favours close-quarters weapons like shotguns; it’s great for assault classes. The lower lane in the east is the most open, and the train track in the centre offers a more balanced approach.

    There are long sight lines for snipers if you’re trying to take the bridge, which makes things tricky if you’ve geared up for the close-quarters skirmishing on your way to the control point. Taking the machine guns and the nearby field gun will help a lot. On the other hand, if you yourself are a sniper you can have a field day from up here, and you don’t need a long scope.

    The bunker makes for a handy sneak attack route but be aware that an alert enemy will probably have the exits locked down, so if both the objectives on the other side are in enemy hands, reconsider this strategy.

    The best Elite kit in Argonne Forest is the Flame Trooper. Look for it under the Hellfire Junction bridge, and then go ham in the more narrow lanes.

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